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We will be implementing a perks program for supporters/members donating regularly. It will have awesome initial incentives like hand tie-dyed tshirts, vape pens and other church logo encrusted memorabilia as well as even a free weeks vacation (50-1500 in value$) AND we will also have top notch events and or parties for those hitting the 500$, $1000 and $2500 a year in accumulated donations! Give praise and blessings to the most High, through burnt offerings of the Holy Healing Tree of Life (Cannabis). Help spread the unmedicategreenfaith message this year and remember this giving/donating season.

HELP us GET our NEW BUILDING By Donating!

And receive a free cannabis themed gifts WHEN VISITING us at any of COLORADO’S Premier Cannabis Events, where we will be doing cannabis weddings/services all event long. You might have caught us in the past at BongaThon, Denver 420 Rally, WEEDSTOCK,  Canna Rave or the CannabisCup. Also you can:
Contact me or Donate online HERE if you want to be involved directly.
You can also purchase one of these shirts there for 20-30$ to help further the cause!23409_208473592624207_1446008617_n (Our charity papers) We are trying to make this our new congregation, We need a  10% cash deposit of $225K. *Once we get the property there is venues, kitchen and etc available. So PLEASE feel free to help all you want.

If you have a facebook account, GO here for information on this months event! CannaRave


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Breaking News By Our Leading Speaker!

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Cannabis Science Inc (cbis) and also the World AIDS Institute introduced these days the appointment of Robert Melamede, PhD, Professor of Biology in the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and CEO of Cannabis Science, to its Scientific Planning board. The entire world AIDS Institute lately declared the business with the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation, which seeks to help advance scouting around for an HIV cure through the facilitation of collaborate initiatives amongst industry, federal government, private and also non-profit entities.

Cannabis Science’s recently set up CS-TATI-1 study method is focused within the progression of CB1/CB2 agonists and antagonists for your treating AIDS-associated Kaposi Sarcoma (KS +2.66%, news). AIDS-related KS may be the third leading cause of death of folks living with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. Chance of KS inside the U.S. dropped significantly following initiation of HIV antiretroviral remedy in 1996; however, during the last a very extensive…

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Studies for my career/business path

I have ordination in four different religions and run two congregations, I have extensive training in counseling and addiction with extensive internships and employment with the Wyo. state legislature and a law firm in Colorado and Wyoming. I have 86 credits at LCCC mainly in Law classes and Public Administration/Political Science rounded off with Business electives. Currently I am working on my BS and Juris Doctorate enterance.



New Innovations

“Cannabis in its natural forms is one of the safest and therapeutic substances known to humankind” DEA Judge Francis Young

ImageI am currently working with churches and communities around the nation, trying to get them in sync with the medical professionals and our higher powers to get as exact and natural healing to all our ailments ailing us all. I currently am working extensively in religious,natural healing and the legal fields to make a huge push politically to unite us all on one common path of natural and cheap healing.

This photo is from our last event from a very prominent Dr. using cannabis to kill cancer